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Help Raise Awareness about virtually untraceable crimes committed against humanity by purchasing a Satellite Electronic Harassment Awareness Bracelet!

What is Satellite Electronic Harassment? Satellite Electronic Harassment is a term used when referring to the use of satellites to deliver the effects of directed energy to harass or harm a persons mind or body. The most common form of technology used in committing Satellite Electronic Harassment is Voice to Skull us patent 6,470,214. In laymen terms Voice to Skull technology when satellite delivered is capable of making people hear a voice, voices or sound!

Thousands of people are complaining about this and some people who talk about this are being considered schizophrenic, Yet this patented technology was acknowledged by the military to be successfully used in covert ops during Desert Storm.

Why is it so difficult to believe our truths? Even without my personal experiences it seems easy enough to understand and highly believable. Since a technologies patented capabilities are to make a person hear a voice, voices or sound. It can easily be used as a weapon to distract a person from concentrating, being able to communicate with other people and have abilities to inflict pain to a persons brain when the volume is turned up to a dangerous level.

I'm not saying this is a Military, NSA or any government agency conspiracy. I'm saying our experiences are real, all technology can be hacked and used however the hacker chooses.